about me

if you meet me in person, you’ll find me to be bubbly, outgoing and smile a lot.
if you meet me via my blog you may be inclined to think I never smile, ever.

regardless of the impression I give you, all I can say is that I’m both at once.
happy and sad. bubbly and quiet.
contradictions are what I’m good at, what I live for
writing is what makes me tick, along with expensive lattes, heart to hearts, and indie music.

follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackberryMilk
or, perhaps on instagram: simon_sayss
or, even twitter: @sim0n_sayss


6 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Monica! My name is Evan, I am here honestly because my 25th birthday is on Monday and I just feel down for turning 25 evem though I should not.

    I read your “25 Vows I’m Exchanging With Myself On My 25th Birthday” and it made me realize I have learned over the years the same exact lessons and have gone through the same experiences. It definitely uppercut me right in the feels and gave me inspiration, and even though you are a genuine lady doesn’t mean that I couldn’t look at it from my standpoint as a male.

    I really like how you express yourself in your writing and it’s so glorious to read. I could tell you my whole life story and have a total heart to heart from just learning about you and what you have been through.

    I just feel a connection and would love to talk to you more. I have been in 2 longterm relationships for 7 years of my life and both ended up me giving my 100% and the others less which led them to break my heart and cheat. I feel like i lost those 7 years of my life and that they were a waste, but girl let me tell you I learnes so much about myself and who I have to be.

    Life is all about experiences, people come and go for reasons , it may suck at times but it’s part of growing up. I’m just not ready for 25 this Sunday, but you have helped me oversee that and I gratefully thank you for that.

    I recently moved to Denver after my recent 3 year relationship and it would be nice to talk to someone and since I feel that connection with you i hope you would not mind talking. But man, you’re pure enjoyment to me, and just reading your writing at 2:00 in the morning puts me at ease and makes me rethink so much. Thanks for the 100th time and I hope we can converse ans that you get this reply.

    P.S. * I too can’t stand north face jacket wearing lol, take care! Cheers!*


    1. Hi Evan,

      I’m so happy you reached out. It’s an amazing feeling when someone relates to my writing, because honestly, it’s pretty scary putting it out there sometimes. However, it sometimes feel like our generation is bad with relating to each other because no one wants to speak up about how they feel. So, it’s nice when you start to realize that a lot of us are in the same boat.

      It’s funny how similar our stories are, as I have also had two long term relationships, neither of which worked out. It’s been a struggle for me to get past that as well.

      Please don’t dread your 25th birthday, though. I think it’s a really rough time in life because we are all trying to figure it out and sometimes there’s really just no good answers. I always want answers, though, haha.

      But I would absolutely be up for talking more about these things – I feel we have a lot in common. My email addess is mnoelle89@gmail.com if you wanted to shoot me an email. 🙂 Glad we can unite in hating north faces! lol



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